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Binary options: Earn real money right now!


More than eight years trade in binary options is very popular and draws attention to itself of both professional traders, and ordinary people. Start trade in binary trading right now and increase greatly your means. To begin to you will be to recharge enough on a minimum amount in $100. In case of the correct forecast of movement of asset price from investments into $100 you will be able to earn $90 of everything in 60 seconds.


What is binary options?


To begin it is necessary to earn, first of all, to understand that is represented by binary options. The stock markets, currencies and primary goods change, on means of growth, or fall of the price of this or that asset. In the binary option you don't need to work directly with assets, and it is only necessary to make the correct forecast of growth or fall of its cost for a certain period. Therefore, you can make only two actions.


To understand as it works we will review very simple example. Working with binary options you decided to trade on a change rate of USD/EUR. Chose an option type: result in 60 seconds. Since currency rates also change each 60 seconds you only should determine that that will happen to it. Having carried out the analysis of a situation in the market you decided that it will go to growth. You stake and in 60 seconds you receive a prize. There is no fixed prize in binary options, however, as well as on others the treydernykh platforms. The most important that the prize doesn't depend on that will grow dollar by hundred dollars or by one. In binary options only the probability of growth of dollar exchange rate influences. In different situations the percent of a prize changes and can reach 100%.


Important benefit of trading by binary options, the possibility of start without big investments of capital is considered. At the same time you even prior to the biddings know a risk degree and probable profit.


To begin to trade binary options very easily. The program is very simple and to understand its functions won't constitute to you work. Account replenishment isn't more difficult, than to pay purchase on AliExpress. Also there is a large number of additional programs which quickly and quickly, at any time will prompt to you what better to rely. Besides there is a huge number of high-quality literature, the websites and forums with information which it will be useful for you to read before the biddings.


Than they Forex is better?


There is an opinion that trading by binary options and Forex trading same, but it not so. These systems have a set of differences we will state the main of them below.


Time and process of the biddings. Time of the biddings is limited to binary options. Terms of transaction can't be changed. Having relied we know how many we as a result will earn or we will lose. In Forex trading duration of the transaction can proceed during all business week. On long-term transactions can increase or lower deposits. How many as a result you will earn on the biddings in Forex it isn't known.

Types of the carried-out transactions. The main strategy of binary options consists in the following: to determine what will happen to an asset after time of the biddings. Having carried out any transaction we can expect the end of time of the biddings, in Forex the market more dynamic and, at any time, movement of an asset can sharply change that will lead to heavy losses.


Restriction of profit. In trading by binary options, staking, we precisely know how many will be able to earn – in Forex it is unknown.



The principles of work of two systems too different, therefore use of strategy Forex, in the biddings by binary options, not perhaps.


How to begin to trade on binary options?


To begin to trade on binary options very simply and realizable anywhere, at office and at home. Experience of trade isn't obligatory. All you need to do is, it:


1. To choose the broker suitable for you.

2. To register the account in system.

3. To be determined with strategy.

4. To choose a trade subject.

5. To decide what will happen to asset price.

6. To choose the amount of investments.

7. To receive a prize.


We recommend to you, attentively study information stated further to begin to trade on binary options correctly and without excess losses for your budget.


To choose the broker suitable for you.


Today there is very big competition between brokers, they are trading platforms. Growth of number of brokers favorably affects the rendering market the trendingovykh of services, opening a large number of bonuses and higher percent of profit for investors. However, to answer unambiguously a question: "What broker the best?" it is impossible. The trading platform should be chosen correctly, and also to consider that it conformed to your requirements. Let's consider the main nuances at which it is necessary to look in case of the choice of the broker.


First, it is necessary to understand that ideal brokers don't exist. One offers good percent on the biddings, but difficulties with withdrawal of funds, another on the contrary has licenses from the regulator, there are no difficulties with withdrawal of funds, but it is necessary to pay for it in low interest for deposits. To be mobile in different situations experienced investors trade directly through several brokers.


Secondly, to make a right choice we will sort the short list of nuances at which it is necessary to look:

  Client service;

  Withdrawal of funds;


  Technical support;

  Safety of your data.


An opportunity to quickly remove means by a convenient method shows reliability of the broker of binary options. It is necessary to choose checked which removes funds directly for the VISA, MasterCard or AmericanExpress card, money transfer or on means of WebMoney. Also it is necessary to pay attention to availability of the additional commission which exist at some brokers in case of withdrawal of funds.



It is necessary to consider the fact that trade in binary options is performed round the clock and your broker shall be available always, the program shall work and have the convenient interface qualitatively. Employees of technical support shall be available round the clock and understand financial and technical issues, and also exchange trade in general.

Thirdly, in case of the choice it is possible to consider the rating of brokers of binary options. The high-quality analysis is carried out by Masterforex-V Academy. Based on objective criteria, estimates of specialists and results of an open voting the rating of brokers is made.


To register the account.


To register the account for you won't constitute special difficulties. It is unique that it is possible to recommend – to open several accounts on different trading platforms to have the alternative choice.


To be determined with strategy (for beginners).


As it was told earlier for trade in binary options of experience it isn't required. You need to determine the direction of an asset cost only. Asset price can grow (option call), or go down (option put). There is a huge number of trade strategy, but in knowledge all of them there is no need, and for receipt of good profit from the investments will know only a little enough, it is possible also the simplest in your opinion. It should be noted that the most successful traders of binary options use very simple methods and strategy. The main task is an opportunity to minimize risks and to increase profit from investments.


To minimize risks and to keep the equity it is necessary to conform to the conforming basic rules:

  It isn't necessary to invest all available means at the same time;

  Thoroughly analyse an asset before to invest in it;

  It isn't necessary to invest more than 10% of the general available capital in each carried-out transaction.


Trading of binary options doesn't exclude trade in different assets, nevertheless most is in an efficient manner considered to be trade in one asset. Adhering to the strategy of trade in something in one, eventually, you learn to predict more precisely to what party its price moves.


By the purpose of any strategy it is put to earn, however solutions exist different. Main strategy of binary options:


  Strategy of use of a trend. There is a tracking of a tendency of movement of the traded asset;

  The strategy of trade on news. Consists in determination of result of news and the subsequent movement of the market. Strategy on news is calculated based on movement history;

  Strategy with use of technical indicators. It is put by the purpose to determine future direction of movement of the price, points of entry and an exit in the transaction.

  Mathematical strategy. Consist in mathematical calculation of movement of asset price.


And still we will consider in more detail, in our opinion, the most interesting strategy of trade.


The first, and one of the simplest, we will consider catching of a trend. A trend is called a certain movement of the price in one direction long time. The trend happens descending and ascending. The essence of strategy consists in search steady the movement of courses and is rather effective. The main task – to manage to finish trade before change of the direction of the movement. Use of this strategy is effective on five-minute forecasts less since the probability of change of a situation in the market is high.


Trading by means of trade signals is based on use of hints which are called trade signals. Hints look in the form of the table in which all necessary information is specified: a cross-country, the price and the recommended action "it is active to buy, or "actively to sell". This strategy well will be suitable for the beginning traders who will be able to get profit already from start. Professional traders will also obtain a lot of useful information, using trade signals, and also will be able to increase the income.

Martingeyl's method is based on continuous increase in a rate to extinguish losses from last unsuccessful transactions. This strategy works as follows.


The trader does the first rate and it appears incorrect. Therefore it increases the second rate taking into account return of the lost money in the first rate. It is so possible to raise also on thirds to a rate and further until covers the formed loss. After the successful forecast, for example after the fifth time, it is necessary to trade again from the minimum rate. In my opinion, with this strategy you shouldn't be overzealous, otherwise it is possible to lose all money.


Early closing of the option is less risky and less profitable strategy. In case you bought the option above, for example for 1 hour. After a while you have an opportunity to withdraw the option. In case the asset went to growth you can get profit. The percent of profit will be lower declared, but you will be in plus. If the asset went to falling you can also return a certain sum of money from that which was put. That function of early closing was is available it is necessary to buy options from lasting not less than o'clock. Also it should be added that the system updates every minute information on the sum of money which you can take away ahead of schedule.


There is a strategy of trade against a trend. Also start up it sounds absurdly, the level of successful transactions on such strategy is very high. And the campaign and against the movement of a trend can consider the movement correct, but in different situations one more another are less effective.


Trade on a trend is effective when there is a trend very obvious and very strong when the price fluctuates in the steady range in the narrowest corridor. Trade against a trend is on the contrary favorable in the absence of an obvious and strong trend, and the price fluctuates in rather wide corridor. Trade against a trend is more profitable in the conditions of the modern movement of assets.


Anyway with what you wouldn't use strategy, from the list listed, or independently developed, its existence is necessary. The plan of work in the market increases productivity and overall performance many times.


Robots of binary options


For those who aren't able to trade at all we advise to begin work on trading platforms through binary robots. There are two types of programs for binary options. The robots operated by the trader belong to the first look. The program indicates this or that asset and recommends the option, and the trader independently makes the decision: to agree or refuse the transaction. Those which work in the automatic mode, without intervention of the trader belong to the second type of robots. Work of such programs proceeds in the automatic mode, even when you not in network, accompanied with high risks, at the same time shows low results.


The essence of operation of the robot consists in the continuous analysis of the market in which the behavior of an asset, the analysis of the change in price for a certain time, history of positive transactions by other traders, and also the analysis of the movement of an asset in recent years is considered. Practice shows that correctly adjusted robot can earn on average about 600% a month.


There is a huge number of robots of binary auctions and most of them are ground under a certain broker. Distinctive features of each robot, besides the interface, is the algorithm of calculation of the recommended transactions. This information can is in open access, or to disappear developers, however not each program can brag of good efficiency of the analysis of the market.


Also It should be noted an important factor at the choice of the binary robot - safety of personal assets. It is worth being careful of work of swindlers for this purpose to read more information and reviews of the pleasant robot.


"When came to a subject of trade of binary options understood of nothing in regularity of the movement of assets and didn't understand at all, didn't install the robot of binary options yet. Results struck. The program really works and helps to earn. Also I recommend to connect paid content at once."


"Sat in a maternity leave. There wasn't enough money very much, know what grants at us. Decided to look for earnings options at home and decided on trading of binary options. It was difficult to be defined at first what better to rely and how many to put, but then established the robot. Its calculation really helped me to be involved in trade. The program really will help you to begin to earn."


"I am a trader 3 years. As today I remember how began to trade. Transactions successful alternated transactions failure. But wasn't given, read a lot of useful literature, forums and slowly everything began to be adjusted. Successful transactions became more and more. At once decided to try to connect the binary robot. Set all necessary parameters, even connected paid content at once. As a result my income grew twice. I recommend to all, put forces and means in the binary robot and you receive big return."





For those who though imagines a little as work trade in binary options we suggest to buy signals which will increase your chances of carrying out the successful transaction several times. It is arranged as follows. If in the next three hours the movement of the price of an asset in any the direction that is expected you receive a trading signal by the SMS or by e-mail. This function is very useful both to the beginner, and to the skilled trader. Accuracy of this service is more than 70%.


Also there is a huge number free signals. The principle of their work is similar to the principle of work paid, except for lack of the SMS of the notification. It is possible to use also the simplest, mechanical type which are provided to everyone on the world portal On the basis of their conclusion it is possible to do forecasts. On the website 6 types of alarm tools are presented:


  Technical review;

  Technical analysis of currency pair;

  Classical points of a turn;

  Simple moving averages;

  Technical indicators Forex;

  Graphic models.


Most are simple and the most demanded is the Technical review which shows quotations of currency pairs, indexes of actions, goods and futures. The principle of work is simple: on the basis of the carried-out calculations the system in the column "summary" issues the conclusion "Actively to buy", or "Actively to sell".


The analysis works by the principle of the technical review, only in this case the explaining information is provided to you more.


Free signals don't inform you on good rates and it is difficult to present that any program provided information for earning money absolutely free of charge.


In general it is possible to tell that it is necessary to use signals intelligently. If you received it, then it doesn't mean that information of 100% advantageous. Originally it is necessary to understand work of binary options, to learn correctly to trade and only then such programs will begin to help and increase your capital.


"Got used to rely only on the knowledge and the head. Re-read a lot of literature on trade in binary options and I am not sorry at all. It is worth understanding once and believe, the result won't keep itself waiting long."



"Wrote the thesis on binary options, processed a lot of information on this subject and decided to try to begin to earn. Already the third year as trade in binary options is my main earnings. All additional functions of course very much simplify work as the trader, I also use some, but I consider that it is extremely necessary to deal, first of all, with the structure of the market of assets."


Choice of a subject of trade



At the choice of a subject of trade in binary options first of all it is necessary to make a start from the preferences. For trade trading platforms offer currencies, indexes, raw materials and actions. To beginners we can recommend to begin the way of the trader with trade in currency, for example on the course EUR/USD.

To solve the asset price will grow or will fall.


It is possible to make the correct forecast having chosen one of strategy, having analysed the market, having used the robot, a signal, or relying on the knowledge. In binary options exists several types of actions called the same options. First of all it is worth giving definition what is the option. The option is called the type of a financial instrument which grants the right (it is worth specifying that it doesn't oblige), on purchase or sale of assets at the price established by the market. Let's consider main types of options.


High Low/Call Put. The simplest option. It is only necessary to foresee the price of assets during time will grow or will fall.


One Touch. In this option it is necessary to define, the asset price yes of the set period of time set value at the end of will reach or not.


No Touch. This option has analogies to Call/Put. A difference only that you choose value of the price which the asset shouldn't reach for a certain period of time.


30 Second Trading. Very simple option. It is necessary to guess growth (Call) or falling (Put) of cost of an asset in 30 seconds.


Consider options in more detail:


High Low/Call Put (Growth/falling). This option allows to define to what party the asset price will move. The profit, in case of the correct answer, can reach up to 90%. Let's review an example: let's assume that the rate EUR/USD at the foreign exchange market is equal to 1.1201 USD for 1 EUR. You expect that the price of an asset will grow within an hour. You choose the binary option Growth/falling, with EUR/USD asset, with the set time for one hour and you invest $100 in Growth. In one hour you observe the schedule of growth of EUR/USD to 1.121, therefore you predicted correctly. As Payout of the option makes 90% you get profit of $90.


One Touch (One contact). In this option you can set the range of growth/falling of an asset for a certain period. If you defined truly, then the profit can reach 100%. Let's review an example of such option. Let's assume that the price of a stock of Apple makes $765.33. You predict growth of the price of an action to $766, therefore choose the binary option of One cliques, with the set time one hour and with profitability of 90%.


On the following you set three prices:

$766 – the upper bound of the price;

$765.33 – the current price;

$764 – the lower bound of the price.


You consider that the price will reach the level of the upper bound, therefore choose the Growth direction and invest $300.


Further within an hour the following situation was observed: the price of an action went to growth and even reached $767, and then fell even below that that was at the time of purchase of the binary option. However, as the price concerned the level of $766 you get profit of $270.


No Touch (Without contact). This option should be used if you are sure that the price of an asset will be restrained range the set time. In case of a prize the profit can make up to 100%. Let's consider as it works at an example. Let's assume that the exchange rate of USD/NBR is at the level of 1.9463. You consider that within an hour the course can go down for some sum. We choose range and we enter three prices:


$1.9546 – the upper bound of the price;

$1.9463 – the current price;

$1.9378 – the lower bound of the price.


We stake in $700 with profitability of 95%. In an hour we observe that the price fell to 1.9412, but didn't punch the lower bound. Therefore the forecast came true and you get profit of $665.


30 Second Trading (Trade in 30 seconds). This type of the option is in all respects similar about Growth/falling. Trade in 30 seconds happens for a short interval of time that is leveled to 30 seconds. In other aspects of important differences it isn't observed.


Choice of the sum of investments


At the choice of the sum of investments it is necessary to understand that you shouldn't invest in the transaction all assets at once. Risk of course a noble cause, but also nobody wishes to lose everything and at once too. As we came to this business to earn, it is necessary to acquire the following rule "It Is Necessary to Invest No More than 10% of the Total Amount of the Capital in the Transaction!".


To receive a prize


All you need is to make the right forecast. As a result you get profit on 60% to 100% of invested funds. Conclusions of the income at brokers can differ therefore at the choice of any platform it is also worth paying attention to it. The standard option of withdrawal of funds from the account looks as follows:


  you Come into the section of the balance in system of your broker.

  you Check quantity of means on the account and you determine what sum you wish to withdraw.

  you Follow the link withdrawal of funds.

  you Enter the sum which was decided to be removed.

  Are attentive examine, probably your broker charges the fee for withdrawal of funds from the account.

  Choose conclusion option (if you support several types). The main systems for withdrawal of funds are: VISA, MasterCard,      AmericanExpress, WebMoney.

  On money transfer 7 working days during which expect the translation are taken away.

  Only after term, in case of lack of means on balance of your card, begin to write to technical support of the broker.

  If you didn't receive the distinct answer - write to service of the licensing regulator.


There is a wish to add that only the main information is reflected in this article briefly. To begin to trade correctly and with smaller expenses for you, we recommend to study more fully information about binary options, robots of binary options, regulators, signals, options and many other things. Practice shows that there is a large number of traders who earn big money on binary options, having just made small efforts to understand as the market of assets is arranged.


They say that money doesn't grow on trees - it is not so. They grow - and binary options, for you, a ladder, having climbed up which, you will be able to break them. All you need to do is is to make small efforts on installation of this ladder.




Who are we such?

- We are community of investors who want to acquaint you with the instrument of multiplication of money.


What our purpose?

- Our purpose is in that people learned more information on binary options.


How we reach it?

For you we collected, in our opinion, the most important information and processed it eyes of the skilled broker.





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